ZYNQ Hard Startup Guide


There are different ways to get your Zynq running. Here is the components we need for a Zynq Linux system:

  • .hdf or .xsa file, it includs FPGA design, Zynq chip configuration and peripherals information
  • Cross-Compile Toolchain, also the C/C++ library associate with it. There are many to choose from:
    • For PetaLinux/Yocto, it use generated toolchain when running build
    • The toolchain ships with Vitis/Vivado installation
    • Bootlin
    • Buildroot generated
    • Linaro (ARM)
    • CodeSourcery
  • FSBL, first stage boot loader
    • Usually build from Xilinx’s FSBL source. Vitis provides project draft for it
  • SSBL, second stage boot loader
  • Linux Kernel
  • Device tree
    • Xilinx provides a device tree generator device-tree-xlnx. The device tree source is generated from .hdf, .xsa file
  • RootFS, root file system
    • PetaLinux generated
    • Buildroot generated
    • OpenWRT
    • Linux Distributions, such Ubuntu/Debian

It’s hard to get everything a try and make it work, so usually you only select one of each components.


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