Typora a Great Tool for Markdown


Even Markdown sucks, it’s lightweight and good for writing blog and personal notes. Typora is Great tool for writing markdown. It provides standard markdown with some useful extensions, such as math and diagram. Some tips and tricks for Typora here.


Typora can be download at it’s official site. For Linux, you can choose apt repository or binary package.

Modify Font

Font is important for writers, especially when build-in themes are not very good for Chinese words. Typora provides a guide on how to modify fonts on Help > Custom Themes. That is create and write a base.user.css under theme folder.

body {
    font-family: "Ubuntu Mono", "Noto Sans CJK SC", sans-serif;

It works on both Source Code Mode and View Mode. Typora is build on top of Chromium, so you can open Chromium DevTools (View > Toggle DevTools) to inspect used fonts.

Disable Smooth Scrolling

To disable smooth scrolling, which I don’t like, I need to add a switch to Chromium launch option. In Typora, open File > Preference… > General > Advanced Settings > Open Advanced Settings, modify this line of configuration JSON.

    "flags": [["disable-smooth-scrolling"]]

Image Handling

You can configure Typora to automatically copy used image files to a folder in File > Preference… > Image, and Format > Image > When Insert Local Image. This makes Typora handles markdown file and asset images together.


Xilinx Zynq Vip

Hugo Setup

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